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Donnerstag, 27.02.2020
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President Moon Jae-in will place more importance on promoting Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the aim of establishing it as a core nation industry.

During a visit to the Developer's View conference at COEX, Monday, Moon underlined the need to build an "AI powerhouse" as the next step to being an "IT powerhouse" to take the global lead in preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To that end, the administration will announce a national roadmap for promoting the AI sector with comprehensive support measures within the year, according to Cheong Wa Dae Monday.

The roadmap will include expanding the government budget, and increasing personnel and organizations to better support AI development policies. In addition, the administration plans to nurture AI specialists, by establishing more graduate schools within the nation's major universities.

Moon's keynote speech at the nation's largest conference for software and AI specialists primarily reflected the President's focus on responding to the need to catch up with global competition in the AI sector "We may not be a pioneering country in AI and we have not yet reached the world's top level in AI. But we have the experience of leading the internet revolution while undergoing the Asian financial crisis. We are a global leader in manufacturing and have the world's top ICT infrastructure, in addition to rich experience in conducting e-government policies," Moon said.

The President added that the knowhow acquired through past industrial achievements will enable Korea to become a leader in the AI sector. "By combining the sectors where we already have a global edge, we will be able to produce the smartest and most human-like AI." A key focus of his speech was about his plans to support companies dealing with AI and startups so that they can become more profitable. He also placed emphasis on the need for "preemptive investment in areas such as next-generation AI chips" where Korean companies command a strong edge over global competitors.

"The government will spend 1.7 trillion won, up 50 percent from this year on data, networks and artificial intelligence. We'll create an environment where companies can confidently invest in competitive areas and quickly make profits. We will direct our funds to start-ups that will determine our future, and create an industrial ecosystem where innovation keeps flowing."

Moon said that he will work closely with the National Assembly to swiftly pass bills to advance the AI sector.

Finally, he explained that the government will more actively utilize AI technology as a way to advance e-government practices. "We will transform the government into an AI-based digital government that goes beyond the world's best e-government, and provide high-quality services in areas closely related to the people's lives, such as the environment, disasters, safety and national defense. The government will also expedite the transformation to Internet and smartphones-based public services."

The President's participation in the conference was his latest move to underline his focus on reviving the economy, after several outings hosted by major conglomerates, including Samsung and Hyundai, related to future industries in regional areas over the past few weeks.

"The President has taken a personal interest in the AI sector and will continue to focus on this area," a presidential aide said during a briefing Sunday. "He met with SoftBank Group CEO Masayoshi Son earlier this year and has held various other internal and external meetings to discuss AI development."


Autor(en)/Author(s): Do Je-hae

Quelle/Source: The Korea Times, 28.10.2019

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