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In South Korea, the government of Sejong City is developing an identification and verification platform for autonomous vehicles using the blockchain technology.

Sejong City in South Korea is developing an identification and verification platform for autonomous vehicles using the blockchain technology. In a bid to give data credibility, Sejong City will use blockchain to protect the data generated by the self-driving vehicles. According to a report by South Korean outlet Aju Business Daily, the Sejong City government will turn to blockchain technology to verify and guard digital identities of the self-driving vehicles.

The budget of the blockchain project is one billion won.

The budget for the blockchain project stands at 1 billion won ($817,000), and it is expected to commence sometime next year. The project will bring together several tech companies, led by LG CNS, the electronics giant’s IT wing based in South Korea. These tech companies will develop a decentralized identifier that will be used by autonomous vehicles. The decentralized identifier (DID) would have multiple layers of encryption the will protect the data shared between cars and other facilities on the road, such as traffic lights and other vehicles. The South Korean city is a planned city whose development started back in 2007 and is expected to end by 2030.

The government expects the blockchain technology to strengthen the security of information shared.

The government official of Sejong city said that they expect the blockchain platform to significantly increase the credibility of data by strengthening the security of information shared by cars and their control tower. Sejong city has grown to become the de facto administrative capital of South Korea. South Korean city has become the testbed for new technologies in the East Asian country and currently supports some of the most advanced smart city technologies in the world.

The use of blockchain technology since the pandemic began has increased a lot as governments try to use the technology in different fields for its transparent nature. Earlier, the US Senate proposed a bill that seeks to use blockchain for remote voting and other work-related things.


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