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On November 14, LG CNS signed a memorandum of understanding with the Nusantara Capital City Authority of Indonesia for the Nusantara Smart City Cooperation Project in Indonesia.

The signing ceremony was attended by officials such as LG CNS CEO Young-seop Kim and Minister of Nusantara Capital City Authority Bambang Susantono.

Nusantara Capital City Authority is a government agency that oversees the Nusantara Smart City project, the new administrative capital of Indonesia.

LG CNS signed an MOU with Nusantara Capital City Authority last month through a written exchange.

The two sides formalized their cooperative relationship with an agreement ceremony during the "B20 Summit", a global business consultative body held in Indonesia.

LG CNS will participate in Nusantara's "smart service concept design" through this agreement.

The Nusantara Capital City Authority is responsible for the basic design of Nusantara's land use planning, traffic signal system and housing construction.

LG CNS envisions a smart service that incorporates DX technologies such as AI/data, cloud, and digital twin based on the basic design of the new waterworks.

The blueprints the company draws are, for example, "Artificial Intelligence-based city" and "Mobility-specialized city".

This smart city project will be carried out in three stages: Engineering·Procurement·Construction (EPC) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) after going through LG CNS' smart service concept design.

Through this MOU, LG Group is expected to participate in the Indonesian smart city joint project.

LG CNS plans to maximize business synergies by gathering the capabilities of LG Group, such as LG Electronics, LG Energy Solutions, and LG U+.

LG CNS signed the agreement with Pembangunan Perumahan (PT) and Indonesia PT. An MOU is also signed with Hotel Indonesia Nature (PT.HIN). The three companies plan to jointly promote a smart city pilot project in Sanur, Bali.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Yeon Choul-woong

Quelle/Source: Korea IT Times, 15.11.2022

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