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The Seoul Metropolitan Government will host three global events from Sept. 25 to 26 to highlight its smart city vision.

According to the city government, Sunday, the events will feature the Seoul Smart City Prize, the Seoul City Forum and the sixth general meeting of world smart sustainable cities organization WeGO.

The city aims to share its accomplishments and aspirations in the realm of smart cities and digital technologies with both domestic and international experts, fostering discussions and strengthening cooperation between global cities and companies to advance the development of smart cities.

The Seoul Smart City Prize, scheduled for Sept. 25 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, was established last September to bolster the city's commitment to tackling urban polarization and promoting inclusive growth.

From March to June, Seoul received a total of 240 applications, assessing the city's people-centric and technological innovation aspects. Forty candidates are selected through a three-step evaluation process by experts. The final review committee, whose members include Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, will announce 21 winners this Sunday.

The Seoul City Forum will take place on Sept. 26 at Seoul City Hall, aiming to share Seoul's core value of standing with the vulnerable alongside cities from across the globe.

The forum's theme is the challenges posed by digital innovation and integration. Artificial intelligence (AI) experts, smart city researchers and global public infrastructure specialists will take part in the forum.

The forum will delve into the bright and dark sides resulting from the abrupt changes in digital technology, particularly after the pandemic, and explore policies and visions essential for pursuing smart cities.

The forum will also be accessible online through the official Seoul City YouTube channel.

On the same day, the sixth general meeting of WeGO will also be held at Seoul City Hall.

WeGO, a membership-based international association, comprises local governments, smart tech solution providers and institutions dedicated to transforming cities into smart, sustainable urban centers by fostering public-private partnerships.

Mayor Oh will lead the meeting, guiding discussions on WeGO's strategic direction. Approximately 200 participants, representing 71 member cities, international organizations and IT companies will attend the meeting.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to experience Korean culture and explore the smart city by visiting Gwangjang Market and LG Science Park in Magok, Gangseo District, southwestern Seoul.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Jung Da-hyun

Quelle/Source: The Korea Times, 17.09.2023

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