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Montag, 10.08.2020
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The System Integration Promotion Alliance (SIPA), a program from Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), recently brought a delegation composed of smart city and IoT companies to Bangkok.

The group attended the Smart City Industry Forum and the Taiwan-Thailand Industrial Collaboration Summit (TTICS) among other activities.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) in partnership with the Institute for Information Industry (III) and the Thai Internet of Things Association (TIOT) hosted TTICS to foster collaboration between the two regions' smart city sectors.

At TTICS, Sinotech Engineering Consultants signed a memorandum of understanding with AMATA Corporation to create development trials in Thailand around smart city projects. This cooperation will lead to clustering of innovative technologies with strong commercial outcomes.

Vivian Huang, director general of the International Division at III noted Taiwan's capacity to support smart cities. "This time, SIPA has brought more than 10 market ready system integration solutions ranging from transportation to farming. We are ready to work closely with our partners to help the world innovate on the future of cities and tech.”

Dr. Lo Cheng-Fang, chairman and CEO of GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology, gave a keynote speech on the potential for drone technology to improve smart city applications. In addition to GEOSAT, six other companies are attending the smart city week in Bangkok. The companies are: ACTi Corporation, Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited, Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd, Forecraft USA INC, Galaxy Software Services Corporation and Guali Tech Inc.

SIPA brings together the best technology in Taiwan to find the strongest partner projects around the world. Across six areas, including Smart Transportation, Smart Healthcare, Smart Security, Smart Energy Conservation, Smart Agriculture and Smart Retail, the SIPA platform brings together relevant partners to accelerate solutions.


Quelle/Source: FutureIoT, 22.08.2019

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