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US-based Cisco Systems has teamed up with eight Taiwanese strategic partners to set up a demonstration center for smart city applications and solutions in northern Taiwan, seeking to join forces with the Taoyuan City Government, Taoyuan Aerotropolis and Asia Silicon Valley Development Project to build an IoT R&D cluster in the country.

The center will showcase diverse smart solutions in security, energy conservation, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, architecture, transportation, environmental monitoring and conferencing presented by the partners, JetIT, LANtel Telecommunication, Synergies Intelligent Systems, e-Formula Technologies, Delta Electronics, MiTAC Information Technology, The Syscom Group, and HuaCom Systems.

In terms of smart manufacturing, an AI-driven business decision-making system, dubbed SyGPS jointly presented by Cisco and Synergies, will be showcased, which will incorporate Delta's intelligent machines into smart plant solutions.

Also exhibited is an building automation solution co-developed by Cisco and Delta, integrating lighting control, smart surveillance and environment monitoring operations through IoT data to offer information integration, smart transportation management platform and smart mobility services, as well as water quality and air pollution monitoring services.

Among others, Cisco will also display a smart campus solution developed with MiTAC, integrating learning, reading and healthcare information and analyzing study records of students through an AIoT platform.

George Chen, president of Cisco Taiwan, said showcasing diverse application solutions developed by Cisco and local partners can help them better develop international markets.

Chen said that Cisco Taiwan has registered double-digit revenue growth for two consecutive years, with information secuirty and enterprise digital transformation business all seeing particularly fast growth. Chen stressed that the US-China trade tensions have served as a significant growth driver for his firm's sales of teleconferencing solutions in Taiwan. He expects his company to see double-digit revenue expansion again in 2020.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Aaron Lee, Willis Ke

Quelle/Source: Digitimes, 28.11.2019

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