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Donnerstag, 15.04.2021
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Taiwan's cabinet has decided to establish a ministry of digital development in 2022 to accelerate the country's digital transformation, promote digital economy and improve information and communications security, according to minister without portfolio Yau-hwang Kuo .

Kuo, who has a background in digital economy, has been assigned to head the effort. He said a proposal for establishing the new ministry will soon be submitted to the Legislative Yuan for ratification, and may be put into practice in the first quarter of 2022 at the earliest.

Kuo said the planned ministry will be tasked with supervising of the information and communication technology industry, network infrastructure construction, and management of information and Internet communications security. It will prioritize the protection of digital assets in the government and private sectors, and seek to boost public confidence in the use of information services, Kuo added.

He stressed that the ministry will also coordinate the efforts to build a digital economy through software development, which could be applied to e-commerce and digital content services, with the goal to boost Taiwan's annual software output value to NT$1 trillion (US$35.71 billion).

In promoting digital economy, the new ministry will integrate software and hardware sectors to turn Taiwan into a global smart applications R&D hub, help assist small- and medium-sized enterprises and traditional industries conduct digital transformation, build friendly environments to attract international startup players, promote sandbox verification mechanism and accelerate commercialization of innovative applications, according to Kuo.

Currently, some of the portfolios envisioned for the proposed new ministry are spread across the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Development Council, National Communications Commission, and other agencies, he said.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Bryan Chuang and Willis Ke

Quelle/Source: Digitimes, 29.03.2021

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