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Dienstag, 4.08.2020
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The Lagos State Government and experts in the technology ecosystem are now in partnership to come up with solutions that will help to achieve the smart city plans of the state. Stakeholders recently showed up at a 2-day summit called Art of Technology 1.0 and themed “Bridging the Gap” in Lagos to look at how AI and other technologies can be used to end societal issues.

The founder of Eko Innovation Centre, Mr Victor Afolabi said, “For the first time in this country, whether state, sub-regional, or national, we have a government committed to an innovation master plan. It is part-product of the co-creation session. It is called Lagos State Innovation Master Plan. It tells us where we are going; where we need to be and how we can achieve more.”


Autor(en)/Author(s): David Folami

Quelle/Source: JBKlutse, 18.12.2019

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