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Freitag, 4.12.2020
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Innovatrics has teamed up with PosAm to make it easier for Slovakian citizens to gain access to municipal services. The companies are hoping to replace the card-based system currently being used in the country, which forces the user to have an ID with a chip, a device that can read that chip, and a Windows PC to verify their identity before using a digital service.

To that end, Innovatrics and PosAm are working together to develop a solution that will allow Slovakians to complete the entire authentication process through a smartphone. The solution will integrate the former’s Digital Onboarding Toolkit into the mID mobile application from PosAm, which will negate the need for a chip ID during an identity check. Once their identities have been confirmed, Slovakians will be able to use their mobile devices to coordinate garbage collection, apply for fishing permits, and take advantage of other municipal services.

The Digital Onboarding Toolkit uses face recognition to match a selfie of the user to the image on an official photo ID. Innovatrics added passive liveness detection to the platform back in April, and has since achieved iBeta Level 1 certification. The company also has the top-ranked 1:1 face matching solution in the “visa” category in the NIST’s latest round of FRVT testing.


Quelle/Source: Mobile ID World, 03.11.2020

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