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Montag, 27.09.2021
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Over the course of a year, Supetar has managed to substantially boost its smart city capabilities

Smart municipal services have been all the rage for cities across Europe during the last few months. The coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns and suspension of face-to-face meetings and exchanges forced many cities to quickly adopt new technologies and to turn their attention to improving their already existing offers.

But some municipalities were ahead of the curve and had been working towards establishing e-government capacities for years. Such is the example of the Croatian town of Supetar, where local officials have been building smart capacities through the Supetar Development Strategy and the Operational Plan for the Development of the Smart City 2019-2023.

A push towards the future

Thanks to the efforts of Supetar’s local government to boost transparency and efficiency, the city found itself with the capabilities that turned out to be vital during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Building upon its previous success, the city has now also launched its standalone e-services platform, digitizing and simplifying the process of communication between citizens and officials.

The main focus of the new platform, however, is to facilitate citizens in submitting different applications and requests to the relevant parts of the Supetar administration. It has also boosted the city’s internal efficiency by creating improved communication channels and by providing training to municipal employees, aimed at making them more proficient in providing smart services.

“Precisely with the desire to become accessible to our citizens and to increase transparency and taking into account all the specifics of the time we face, we wanted to be one of the first island cities to adopt a Smart City strategy and to start developing and applying concepts and technologies related to smart cities in small island areas,” stated Supetar local officials, as quoted by Dalmacija Danas.

The need and desire to implement smart solutions and to integrate and embed them into the everyday work of municipalities will undoubtedly continue to rise across all of Europe even after the coronavirus threat has passed. Once citizens have gotten a taste of how easy some previously tedious tasks could become, surely none of them would want to go back.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Anton Stoyanov

Quelle/Source: TheMayor.EU , 23.06.2020

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