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he Cabinet on Wednesday approved the formation of a steering committee for the "Internet for All" project, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. The committee will be tasked with preparing the organisational and administrative structure of the project, identifying the goals and supervising the work of the permanent office to ensure proper implementation.

The committee will cooperate with governmental and private sector bodies and will form working groups which will focus on all economic sectors and target community segments, in addition to supporting digital initiatives related to telecommunications and ICT, to ensure their compatibility with national strategies and polices, Petra added.

The Council of Ministers decided that the committee is to be chaired by the minister of ICT, with the membership of the CEO of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, the Jordan Mobile Telephone Services Company, the Petra Jordanian Mobile Telecommunications Company and the Umniah Mobile Company.

The committee will also include representatives from Huawei Technologies, Microsoft, the World Bank, The Information and Communications Technology Association (int@j), USAID, UNHCR, the Digital Opportunity Trust, the World Economic Forum and the GSM Association.

The "Internet for All" project was launched during the World Economic Forum held at the Dead Sea last May. It aims to give equal opportunity to "all" to contribute to economic development in the Kingdom, in line with the government's economic stimulus plan.

It consists of four components: e-government, empowering women and pioneers, enhancing the web's Arabic content and switching to the concept of "Big Data".


Quelle/Source: The Jordan Times, 06.07.2017

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