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Freitag, 14.08.2020
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Sen. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go on Wednesday called on the government to prioritize the transition of applicable government processes to e-governance with the use of available information and communications technologies as gaps in the delivery of services become more evident amid the pandemic.

“There are processes in government that can be better implemented with the use of modern technologies. We saw this during the Covid-19 crisis where most of our daily transactions need to evolve,” Go explained in Filipino.

The senator said he would file a measure that seeks to institutionalize a plan for the transition of government transactions and processes to e-governance as the health crisis calls for digital transformation of traditional face-to-face public service delivery.

E-governance is the utilization of information and communications technology to establish and promote a more efficient and cost-effective government, allowing the public to avail of various government services in a more accessible and convenient manner. It also provides the public access to resources and information and makes the government more transparent and accountable to citizens.

“Because of Covid-19, face-to-face transactions have to evolve. It is also important for the government to transition,” Go said.

“We should adopt more efficient, responsive and modern ways of transacting with our citizens. This will effectively make the government more in tune to the changing times.”

By championing the transition to e-governance, the senator said that he can help Filipinos to not only adapt to the “new normal”, but also provide them better and more responsive services towards a “better normal.”

“There have been complaints about the old system where it takes days to get a license. That should no longer be tolerated,” he stressed.

Go said some government agencies had shifted to this new system, such as the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

“My bill simply institutionalized it for a more cohesive, whole-of-government approach,” he said.

Citing the many benefits of the government’s digital transformation, Go said the shift would allow the government to become more efficient and accessible to the Filipinos.

“It will also widen the government’s reach. By making transactions with the government faster, we will reduce red tape. By being transparent, we will eliminate corruption,” he explained.

“While we are fighting the pandemic, let us do something to improve our system. Our goal is to make the government more prepared and more responsive to the needs of the people,” Go said.

“Let us aim for a ‘better normal’. Let’s give a hand to the people who need help, especially at this time. Let’s make services fast and easier for them,” he added.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Javier Joe Ismael

Quelle/Source: The Manila Times, 16.07.2020

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