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In an effort to take a significant step towards transformative progress, Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI) announced their partnership with Victorias City Government in developing the Smart City Master Plan, marking a milestone in their journey towards a smarter and more sustainable city in the Philippines.

ADI Public Sector Head Carlos Streegan and Victorias City Mayor Javier Miguel Benitez led the ceremonial contract signing of the Scope Of Work Proposal for the Smart City Master Plan. This significant partnership demonstrates their joint commitment to leveraging advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and promoting data-driven decision-making and governance in Victorias City.

“The City Government of Victorias has been consistent in pioneering digital innovations in the Province of Negros Occidental and the Western Visayas Region,” notes Mayor Benitez. “We have built partnerships with different technology companies which laid the groundwork for our future SMART City. It is an overarching goal of our administration to deliver inclusive governance through the sustainable promotion of digital transformation and technologically equipped communities.”

The collaboration will include a plan that features a unique enablement program and a comprehensive smart city roadmapping exercise. Through ADI, the master plan will help equip city officials with cutting-edge digital skills and provide insights into data science and analytics from an application point of view.

During the signing, Streegan expressed his gratitude to Mayor Benitez for entrusting ADI in leading the local government’s smart city initiative. He emphasized that the development of the Smart City Master Plan is crucial to ensure the success and sustainability of future projects in Victorias City.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Victorias City on their smart city journey. Together, we’re pioneering a digital revolution,” said Streegan. “We’re not just consultants, we’re collaborators, actively seeking Victorias’ input to shape their smart city vision. With ADI’s expertise, we will ensure that the roadmap isn’t just visionary but also achievable. ADI’s here to guide Victorias—the heroes of their own journey to becoming a smart and innovative city. Thank you Mayor Javier Benitez for trusting ADI!” he added.

Apart from providing digital tools and skills for city officials, the roadmapping exercise aims to incorporate the insights and ideas from Victorias City residents regarding their vision of Victorias as a smart city. During this phase, ADI will actively guide this planning exercise and provide their expertise. This approach will also consider various aspects such as environmental sustainability, physical development, social integration, and economic growth.

Mayor Benitez shared his excitement about the collaboration with ADI, highlighting the potential benefits that a Smart City Masterplan can bring to the city.

“We believe Aboitiz Data Innovation shares this initiative with us. Hence, ADI is undoubtedly a herald of transformative progress and a beacon of advanced technological solutions,” said Mayor Benitez. “The newly forged partnership of the City Government of Victorias and Aboitiz Data Innovation will bring about a smoother journey toward the future SMART Victorias City. The streamlined operations and services enclosed in the proposed SMART City Master Plan offer transformative solutions that will surely build the stronghold of a more progressive city. By embracing this partnership with ADI, a brighter future for Victorias is guaranteed.”

This partnership follows a series of meaningful partnerships of ADI with local and global organizations—empowering women in the digital and AI space with Connected Women, leveraging AI to combat climate change with Canada-based research community MILA, reshaping the legal industry with Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra, and championing financial sustainability through AI-powered scoring with LBC Express and Union Bank of the Philippines.

As ADI continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the data science and AI landscape, its trajectory stands as a testament to making AI real to transform businesses and governments and advance communities.

About Aboitiz Data Innovation

Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI) is a forward-thinking data science and AI start-up with a strong commitment to research and a human-centric approach. Our mission is to provide transformative AI consulting and data-driven IoT and sustainability solutions to businesses across diverse sectors.

With a heritage rooted in the Philippines’ Aboitiz Group and headquartered in Singapore, we are uniquely positioned to serve clients in banking & financial services, power, and smart cities (real estate, airports, construction, land and food) industries. For more information, visit aboitizdatainnovation.com.


Quelle/Source: Journal Online, 16.10.2023

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