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Samstag, 22.06.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

The City Government of Magelang, Central Java, socialized the map of the electronic-based government system (SPBE) in support of the 2022 "Smart City" implementation. explain this activity to support the implementation of "Smart City" 2022 and provide understanding to OPD on their respective roles. Development of the City of Magelang," he said quoted by Antara. The target of the socialization was 60 participants who were the heads of the OPD, sub-district heads, village heads, and BUMD directors in Magelang City where all participants were interested parties and had an important role in accelerating the implementation of SPBE towards transformation. digital in local government. Wikan conveyed the results of this socialization, among others, an action plan that is aligned and guided by the Magelang City SPBE plan map document for 2021-2026, and optimization of SPBE implementation in Magelang City. economical, and complete," he said. Mayor of Magelang Muchamad Nur Aziz is optimistic that the Magelang City Government can implement SPBE because it is a mandate of the bureaucratic reform law.

Aziz said SPBE is a government organization that uses information and communication technology to provide services to SPBE users in order to realize clean, effective, transparent and accountable government governance. "We believe that the prospects in Magelang City are good, supported by adequate ASN, supported by training, and continuous assistance so that the SPBE can actually run. Public Service Malls (MPP) cannot be maximized if the SPBE is not running," he said. Magelang City Secretary Joko Budiyono said the socialization material provided was an explanation of the 2021-2026 SPBE Plan Map Document as the basis for the implementation of SPBE in Magelang City. "The target of SPBE is towards data-based 'smart government'. This is not easy, so the cooperation of all elements is needed," he said.


Quelle/Source: VOI, 10.05.2024

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