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A showcase on 5G is being held by the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam(AITI) at their booth at the Mid-Year Conference and Exhibition (MYCE) 2021 until June 20 from 9am to 6pm.

The showcase is part of efforts to raise awareness on 5G’s economic impact and opportunity with the emergence of various 5G applications. According to AITI, the showcase will demonstrate the three characteristics of 5G:


A progression to the existing 4G LTE services with improved performance and seamless user experience, up to 10Gbps peak throughput.

It will be the first phase of 5G services to be commercially available worldwide.

The usage scenario covers data-driven use cases requiring high data rates across a wide coverage area, like real-time traffic alerts, high-speed internet access, streaming real-time video or playing games involving 3D 4K video.


Ultra-reliable and low latency communications has stringent requirements capabilities which caters for the demand in digital industry focussing on the optimisation of a large amount of data and ultra-responsive connections in less than one millisecond latency.

Some examples include wireless control of industrial manufacturing or production processes, remote medical surgery, distribution automation in a smart grid and transportation safety.


A communication paradigm connecting a large number of devices typically transmitting arelatively low cost device, low volume of non-delay-sensitive data with a long battery life. These future applications target in developing a digital society services such as smart city and smart agriculture.

As part of the showcase, AITI will also be gathering information on the potential 5G use cases from the government sector, industries, businesses and consumers, pivotal in 5G planning and development.


Quelle/Source: Borneo Bulletin, 18.06.2021

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