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Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski launched on Tuesday an electronic document exchange platform at five state administrations.

Starting Tuesday, the Transport Ministry, the Foreign Ministry, the Economy Ministry and the National Road Infrastructure Agency and the Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA) will be sending and receiving documents electronically.

"Electronic document exchange saves time, boosts the efficiency of the administration and reduces institutions' costs. This is one of the first serious steps aimed at compensating for the delays in the past few years with the implementation of the electronic government ", Moskovski said, specifying that the most pessimistic estimates indicated that the new platform would save BGN 40 000 per year per unit, or a total of BGN 2 M for the five administrative bodies that will be using it.

Moskovski argued that the Transport Ministry would save at least BGN 300 000 per year from courier services for paper-based documents.

Echoing the opinion that the step paved the way for the introduction of the e-government, Prime Minister Borisov commented that it would also boost accountability at the administration.

Borisov vowed that the electronic document exchange system would make it impossible for public officials to blame unfinished business and the lack of a due response on their part on flawed document delivery processes.

He explained that the new mechanism would keep track of all document traffic, including dates, hours, etc.

Deputy Transport Minister Valeri Borisov assured Borisov that unauthorized persons would not have access to the system which was equipped with protection.

The institutions that will switch to electronic document exchange have already tested the systems.

The remaining ministries have other document circulation systems and are expected to gradually switch to the electronic platform in the next two months.

The Interior Ministry is expected to implement electronic document exchange in one month or a month and a half.

Bulgarian municipalities may switch to the electronic document delivery mode as soon as the Regional Development Ministry applies it.

Borisov explained that the introduction of the new platform was substantially obstructed by the fact that the different state bodies were currently applying different document circulation systems, which he said was the fault of the previous government.


Quelle/Source: Novinite, 06.12.2011

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