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Montag, 18.02.2019
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov instructed the ministers to engage personally and more actively with the introduction of e-government.

The reason for this is a comment by Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev on the lack of mobilization for introducing the electronic exchange of documents between administrations and the risk of non-observance of the deadline.

"After all after eight or nine months this will become a reality. And there is no attitude to extend the term, so I want full mobilization'', the Deputy Prime Minister said.

"We are very clear that the fact that I did not deal with the topic for a month or two does not mean that it has faded away," Borisov stressed before the ministers during the meeting. "

''One of the first three things that we have discussed in the coalition is the e-government as the most practical measure in the fight against corruption, with what people are struggling with. We are very clear! So don't have to waste time'', says Borisov.


Quelle/Source: Novinite, 07.02.2018

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