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Freitag, 10.07.2020
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Head of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan Initiative Tania Aidrus visited the Central Depository Company. She was welcomed by CDC’s senior management team led by Badiuddin Akber, CEO-CDC, who briefed her about the contribution of CDC in transforming the Pakistan’s capital market. He also highlighted CDC’s efforts towards digitization of a number of industry sectors including Pakistan capital market and insurance industry and future plans to introduce reforms in the government sector including Zakat Repository and digitization of national savings certificates.

Aidrus was pleased to learn about CDC’s achievements and vowed to extend her full support for any future projects. The briefing was followed by an interaction session between CDC’s staff with Aidrus where she talked about key objectives of the Digital Pakistan Initiative which are access and connectivity to internet and availability of digital infrastructure for every Pakistani, eGovernance that digitizes intra-government operations and eGovernment services for citizens, digital skilling and literacy enabling technical graduates to secure relevant jobs and innovation and entrepreneurship enabling environment for startups.


Quelle/Source: Daily Times, 07.02.2020

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