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Samstag, 22.09.2018
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Public sector employees in Kuwait will start signing in and out electronically from October 1 to ensure their punctuality and compliance with official working hours.

The Kuwait Civil Service Commission (CSC) had issued an edict making biometric finger-scanning compulsory in the public sector, according to Al Anba newspaper.

State ministries, government departments and public institutions have finalised all preparations to implement the biometric procedures, urging their personnel to comply.

The mandatory verification procedure, which will take effect at the beginning of next month, is however causing wide controversy.

National Assembly MPs are still opposing the measure, urging the CSC to “focus on important issues other than the biometric finger scanning”.

They even claimed that the new mandatory verification procedure would cause “Kuwaiti competences to be expelled”, adding that relations between employees and their place of work should be based on “trust” and “productivity”.

For MPs, biometric finger-scanning machines symbolise “lack of trust”.

Other sectors, including doctors and engineers, consider that biometric finger-scanning is not applicable to them due to their field work.

The Kuwaiti Traffic Safety Society warned that the implementation of the new administrative procedure would worsen road congestion.


Quelle/Source: Gulf Digital News, 24.09.2017

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