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Sonntag, 31.05.2020
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Microsoft has discussed the potential of AI for government at the sixth E-Government Forum (EGOV) in Kuwait.

The company was platinum sponsor for the event which took place from 4-6th December in Kuwait City.

The company demonstrated the power of its Cloud and Artificial Intelligence solutions to accelerate the government's efforts towards e-services and drive digital transformation across all sectors in the country.

Microsoft speakers also participated at the forum and addressed delegates on the power of artificial intelligence, cloud, cyber security and related technologies.

Currently in its 6th year, the E-Government forum (EGOV6) in collaboration with Kuwait's Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT), focuses on ‘Managing Change towards Digitization' and places emphasis on the change management practices that need to be implemented in order to boost e-Government program implementation, and make the best use of all available resources along the way.

"Kuwait is undergoing a massive transformation and is seen accelerating towards the digital era," said Qusai Al-Shatti, Deputy Director General for Information Technology Sector at Kuwait's Central Agency for Information Technology. "Our objective is to empower the government entities in the country with innovative and state-of-the art technologies to accelerate digitization and achieve sustained growth. In this process, it is imperative for us to rely on a technology provider who can deliver on these lines and can be relied upon. We are proud to have a partner like Microsoft on our side in this journey of to become a truly digital and connected government of Kuwait."

"The Government of Kuwait is ambitiously steering towards achieving the country's Vision 2035 of ‘New Kuwait' with a strong focus on digital transformation," said Charles Nahas, General Manager, Microsoft Kuwait. "Cloud and Artificial Intelligence can be at the heart of this journey to fuel digitization and accelerate e-services in the public sector to address challenges and meet citizen expectations. Our participation at this year's EGOV6 is to reiterate Microsoft's commitment and support the government's vision, as well as commend the role played by agencies such as the CAIT, in driving this transformation - and delivering the power to the country's government agencies to achieve more."


Autor(en)/Author(s): Mark Sutton

Quelle/Source: Arabian Industry, 08.12.2018

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