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Samstag, 21.09.2019
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Official spokesman of the housing authority Ibrahim Al-Nashi categorically denied a newspaper report that the South Saad Al-Abdullah project will be moved to another location. He stressed nothing about moving the project was presented to the Korean contractor. He said the housing authority continues the implementation of the project, which is considered as Kuwait’s first smart city. The environmentally-friendly city will be built through partnership between Kuwait and South Korea.

Clinics selling illegal meds

The health ministry’s assistant undersecretary for drug and food control Dr Abdullah Al-Bader said a private clinic and a center were found selling drugs in violation of the law and ministerial decisions controlling the process of dealing with medicines. Inspection committees that inspected a private polyclinic and a private clinic discovered a large quantity of medicines, some of which are not approved by the health ministry and smuggled from neighboring and Southeast Asian countries. He said the case will be sent to the public prosecution.

Exams to begin at 10 am

Informed educational sources said exams of the second semester of the current academic year 2018/2019 will begin at 10 am during the month of Ramadan. The decision came after the Civil Service Commission set the working hours of government bodies including the educational ministry to begin at 9:30 am. The sources said it is difficult to start the tests at the same time as school staff are reporting to work.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Meshaal Al-Enezi

Quelle/Source: Kuwait Times, 25.04.2019

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