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The Healthcare Federation of Ghana is urging Private health Sector Players (PSP) to take advantage of the current trend of technological advancement or risk being obsolete.

According to the federation, the wave of digital transformation, which has revolutionized various industries, is now knocking on the doors of the health sector and is inevitable.

In this regard, private health sector players are expected to adopt digital health practices which, involve the digitalization of business processes, enabling patients to exchange personal health data, and fostering data-driven decision-making.

Country Director of PharmAccess Group Ghana and Board Member of Healthcare Federation of Ghana, Dr. Maxwell Antwi who made this call at a Cocktail party in Accra, said unity in diversity should be a guiding principle for the growth of every association.

“Digital transformation, data, connectivity and personal data exchange has transformed other industries, but health is left behind. Remember P & T, the town postmaster, remember Mobitel sim card, remember CDs and DVDs.PSP need to embrace digital health, digitalization of business processes, ability of patients to exchange their personal health data, make data-driven decisions and position their businesses on the right track. If you cannot stop the storm, adjust your sails .come under one umbrella and ride on one elephant.” He stated.

Sharing his thoughts on policymaking and implementation in the country, Dr.Antwi noted that the health sector alone, contributes about 5% to Ghana's GDP and 20% to GDP growth hence, deserves a seat at the political table.

“It is said that if you are not around the table then you are on the menu to be eaten, taken advantage of and not to be heard. Better, is to be around the table to be heard and listened to. Best is to be the chef in the kitchen who prepares the menu”. He observed.

He further added that PSP should not merely be on the menu but aspire to be the chef crafting the health agenda for politicians as the 2024 elections approach and it's crucial to be part of manifesto discussions.

“Health is politics we know that political parties when in office pay attention to delivering on what they have promised in their manifestos. Manifestos are being finalized now for 2024 elections. My question is, are we on the menu to be eaten by the political class after the meal has been cooked?

Better still are we on the table to provide our inputs to these manifestos? Best, have we cooked the agenda that the politicians must eat; do we have a data-driven, research-informed position statement from the federation of all PSP that we can invite each political party to present to for their inclusion in the party manifestos? I am informed that consultations on manifestos are ongoing and PSP are caught ball-watching.” He emphasized.

On his part, First Vice President of the West African Private Healthcare Federation, Dr. Lynda Ajoa expressed raised concerns about the existing state of healthcare delivery in the country.

She indicated that the absence of affordable financing for private health providers hinders the progress towards improved healthcare, thereby impeding the realization of universal health coverage.

She is therefore appealing to the government to consider lowering interest rates for companies seeking loans to enhance quality and affordability in healthcare delivery.

“Give us access to affordable financing, reduce interest rates for companies that require lending .It is only in improving access to financing that we can reduce the cost of care and improve quality”. She stated.

Meanwhile, Dr.Samuel Donkor, President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana has signaled its readiness to always partner with the private health service providers to improve the healthcare delivery in the country.

“I think we have a very good relationship, we’ve always partnered with them and we believe that with the federation, we will always get better.” He assured.

The Healthcare Federation of Ghana is the country chapter of the Africa Healthcare Federation which is affiliated to the AU. The continental federation is composed of the regional federations: West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, North Africa and Southern Africa federations. Ghana is a member of the West Africa Federation.


Quelle/Source: My Joy Online, 18.11.2023

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