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Samstag, 16.01.2021
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Saudi Education Minister Hamad Al-Sheikh on Tuesday launched an improved version of the ministry’s education portal.

It features diverse services and options for all visitors including people with disabilities. The portal includes the option of submitting proposals and complaints.

Al-Sheikh said the new portal would serve as a front for communicating with the public and their reliable source of information about all matters related to education.

The new portal offers an integrated system of information and efficient electronic services through diverse channels. It relies on the e-government program Yesser’s local standards, the UN’s international standards to build government portals and the ministry’s visual identity standards.

The minister said the portal would be regularly updated and developed. It includes all e-services provided by the ministry for students in general and university education, exchange students, teachers and investors.

The portal also includes links to the websites of relevant agencies and public administrations at the ministry, education departments, government and public universities and cultural attaches abroad.


Quelle/Source: The Rahnuma Daily, 10.12.2020

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