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The remarkable progress made by the city of Riyadh is the second largest among the G20 countries after the South Korean capital, Seoul, and the third largest in the world, in the IMD Smart Cities Index for 2021, where it came as the third smartest city among the capitals of the G20 countries, and the thirty at the level global, surpassing ancient cities such as Los Angeles, Madrid, Hong Kong and Paris.

Although population density is one of the measurement indicators for smart cities, providing smart services to the population of a million city is much more difficult than that of a millennium city, and among the list of the top 30 smart cities, Riyadh came in fourth place on the list, where there were 14 million and 16 thousand cities.

Second city

Medina was also included this year in the index, as the second Saudi city after Riyadh, as it ranked 73 globally and fourth in the Arab world, ahead of ancient historical cities as well.

As a result of the significant improvements witnessed by the capital of the Kingdom, in 34 indicators in all fields, it also confirms the concerted efforts of all sectors of the state in the field of providing advanced infrastructure, smart applications, and implementation of development projects; Riyadh and Medina become smart cities, providing their residents and visitors with a high level of luxury and quality of life.

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Quelle/Source: Tantalum Force, 31.10.2021

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