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Freitag, 12.08.2022
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France’s Thales has signed a memorandum of understanding with stc (Saudi Telecom Company) to collaborated on a broad range of technologies including digital identity solutions, e-SIMs, national security technologies, smart cities, IoT, payment solutions and 5G satellites, reports Arab News.

stc has the twin objectives of providing its customers which span mobile, internet and landline with cybersecurity solutions and close collaboration between the companies to improve digital skills training in these technologies at the stc academy.

The MoU is expected to benefit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia beyond stc, with investment in digital capabilities and research. There is an emphasis on national security technologies, smart cities, digital identity and payments, according to Arab News.

“As the digital enabler in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are interested in building strategic relationships with strategic partners like Thales and are working together to further our digital transformation leadership goals,” stc Chief Business Officer Riyadh Muawad comments on the agreement. “Through this partnership, we aspire to leverage Thales Group solutions in the areas of cybersecurity, AI, and other digital innovations.”

“Over the past 50 years, the Group has had an active presence in the Kingdom in all our areas of expertise,” says chairman and CEO of Thales Saudi Arabia Pascal Lesaulnier. “We are very proud of the partnership we have developed with stc over the years. e-SIM, stcPay and other solutions are a testament to this vital collaboration.”

Thales recently signed a similarly extensive deal with Vietnam’s VNPT to develop the country’s digital transformation, biometrics and security technologies such as smart cities.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Frank Hersey

Quelle/Source: Biometric Update, 10.12.2021

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