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Imagine a linear smart city that puts humans first, provides an unprecedented urban living experience while preserving the surrounding nature and uses 100% renewable energy and 100% green transportation in all its projects.

Imagine living in a car-free, carbon-neutral bubble with its own temperate microclimate. Visualize 500-metre-high mirror facades with lush hanging gardens with urban planners and digital artists from the special effects industry working together to turn utopia into a reality.

This is not a Hollywood fantasy or a surreal script for a movie, but rather a project in Neom, Saudi Arabia, currently under construction, and it is part of Saudi Vision 2030.

And it is called The Line and it is in Neom.

The Line’s spectacular designs and architectural concepts were announced by His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince and Chairman of the NEOM Board of Directors in July.

The revolutionary city design represents Neom’s goal to contribute to addressing some of the most pressing problems faced in urban communities today by redefining conservation and putting nature ahead of development.

Thousands of people are having a more concrete idea about it thanks to the impressive exhibition at Dhahran Expo in Dammam to showcase the features of the first cognitive city, The Line’s detailed designs, architectural models and informative films were explained and the project was presented in all its glory.

The project was envisioned by HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman and brought to life by Saudi youth who constitute an important element in its construction since the first brick.

They had a major contribution in all its stages of engineering, design, strategic planning and innovation, especially their role in representing the exhibition that will tour Saudi Arabia to introduce The Line in a figurative model close to reality.

Saudis worked side by side with an elite of designers from the brightest minds around the world in presenting the designs displayed in the exhibition.

The new concept of ‘Zero Gravity Urbanism’ layers The Line’s functions vertically, which enables its inhabitants to move seamlessly in the city in three directions – up, down and across – and have access to all facilities within a five-minute walk.

Away from all the spectacular revolutionary urbanism, one of the main pillars of The Line is preserving the natural environment.

It crosses 170 km that holds three distinct landscapes, each with diverse ecologies that make them ideal for different purposes. The geography of The Line includes snowcapped mountains reaching up to 2,600 meters, with views across the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea.

The unique geographical location of Neom ensures a temperate climate, roughly about 10 C cooler than the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

The region is suited with conditions to build a sustainable city generated by solar, wind and hydrogen energy since the area has abundant wind and solar energy resources.

Neom provides an ideal environment in which to develop renewable energy projects with 20 MJ/m² of Perennial solar resources and an average of 10.3 m/s wind speed.

The city will conserve 95% of the land to enhance livability for residents and environmental protection. Along with planting 100 million native trees, shrubs and grasses by 2030 to combat desertification, restore degraded land and repair wildlife habitats.

Neom's The Line project, also known as 'the city of the future', will be fully dependent on 100% renewable energy and 100% green transportation. It will be free from roads, cars and emissions and use solar, wind and hydrogen power.

The city will achieve zero carbon emissions and clean air for everyone, reduce its infrastructure footprint and create never-before-seen efficiencies in city functions.

The Line is guaranteed to become Saudi Arabia's most elaborate and futuristic project so far. This $500 billion investment plan will be the region's next popular business hub due to its strategic location.

It is a prominent global trade market and considered ideal access to three of the world's continents, with less than six-hour flight destination to 40% of countries from around the world, Neom will provide direct access to global and local Saudi markets.

This regional project embodies Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision to redefine the country economically, and sustainability, promote a futuristic lifestyle and provide business opportunities to locals and people from around the world.

This upcoming trade attraction will allow entrepreneurs to incubate their latest ideas, in line with the project's technological and sustainable environment.

The Line's functional city layering for example will provide a home to 9 million resident, and widely ranged labor opportunities that guarantee sustainable living, and low-cost regional hubs for investors from all over the world.

The project looks into educational, medical, and cultural investment as part of its urban outlook into the future.

Neom welcomes investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to consider its strategic location as the next global trade center, this eutopic destination is designed to provide a profitable investment plan to all beneficiaries.


Quelle/Source: Bahrain News Agency, 11.09.2022

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