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The NEOM chief also touted The Line, the flagship development within NEOM, as a future world that will go live fully on AI

At the Global AI Summit in Riyadh, the CEO for NEOM announced that the $500 billion mega smart city project will use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the fullest.

Nadhmi Al Nasr stated that the strategic works and planning phase of NEOM are successful and are now in execution mode.

“After finishing the strategies, we moved to the planning year. Converting strategy to planning was not an easy job. That was during the end of 2021. In 2022, we call it the execution mission. Now, we have the strategy, the plan and we have the talents and leadership to execute,” he said.

The NEOM chief also touted The Line, the flagship development within NEOM, as a future world that will go live fully on AI. “Over 10 million people will be accommodated in NEOM and everything that happens in the city will be monitored and enabled by AI technologies,” he added.

Further into Al Nasr speech, he described AI as the beating heart of NEOM and that it will lead the future in modern designs and technologies. “NEOM is not only a project but also a business model and will have a vision, economy, and legislation that will attract the best expertise from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and around the world. The Line project, which will be the future of the world, will depend entirely on the use of artificial intelligence.”

Neom is seeking to integrate robotics and AI seamlessly into every aspect of citizen’s lives in a bid to generate revenues from key economic sectors for the future. This transition from an economy base on hydrocarbons to AI may provide insights into how AI will impact the world.

NEOM’s The Line, is working towards a cognitive city using data to put the needs of humans and the environment first. In other words, The Line’s mission is to enable digital connection to physical things, computation and analysis of those things, and contextualisation to push new decisions.

To build a cognitive city entirely, The Line is primarily focusing on uniting autonomous technologies such as AI, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain. This way, people will be able to personalize solutions and services by identifying, interpreting, and mapping out future needs.

The cognitive city will use AI and Project NEOS, the world’s first operating platform, which is designed to simplify data transfers and movement of people, as well as drive the entire city’s communication infrastructure.

In addition to the Project NEOS, NEOM is developing XVRS, as ‘a first-of-a-kind’, cognitive, digital twin metaverse with human needs at its core


Autor(en)/Author(s): Lara Abdulmalak

Quelle/Source: ITP.net, 14.09.2022

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