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The government of Azerbaijan has launched a public online service site developed by Estonian software firms.

The e-governance project in the pro-Western Caucasus country, called by its Azeri acronym EHDIS, was developed by Estonian R&D company Cybernetica and software developer Aktors and is based on the X-Road technology used in electronic voting and by many agencies in Estonia.

The EHDIS development project is one of the biggest software projects exported thus far, with a price tag of over 7 million euros and numerous local subcontractors.

“The role of the Estonian companies in the complicated development project consisted in consultation for the entire project and developing the software," said Cybernetica director of development for data security systems, Arne Ansper. "We have reason to be happy with the end result – a secure e-state service site is open for citizens and allows the government agencies' information systems to communicate with each other, and it is based on Estonian X-Road technology, while being a step ahead of our own X-Road solution."

X-Road, which recently turned 10, was developed by Assert and Cybernetica and other companies. Aktors stepped in later and developed it further with Cybernetica.

In Azerbaijan, the first state databases and registers have already been integrated with EHDIS. The sites are configured to use the citizen and public servant version of the digital signature chip cards recently introduced in Azerbaijan. A total of 41 government departments providing 270 e-services are expected to eventually join.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Kristopher Rikken

Quelle/Source: ERR News, 16.05.2012

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