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Samstag, 22.06.2024
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As part of the Test in Tallinn smart city project, City of Tallinn is working with Hayden AI to pilot its automated bus lane and bus stop enforcement platform.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and spatial analytics company Hayden AI is partnering with the City of Tallinn to pilot its automated bus lane and bus stop enforcement platform.

The pilot is part of the Estonian capital’s Test in Tallinn initiative, which aims to develop and implement smart city solutions for global markets.

AI-powered cameras

Hayden AI is installing AI-powered camera systems behind the windshield of two transit buses to detect the number of parking violations occurring at bus lanes and bus stops. The pilot will also determine the impact of these obstructing vehicles on public transport service.

Hayden AI’s technology is designed to increase safety and efficiency by addressing the problems created by parking violations in dedicated transit zones and cycle lanes. Blocked bus lanes and bus stops delay transit service and create operational hazards for bus drivers, who have to frequently change lanes to avoid these vehicles.

Additionally, passengers with disabilities or mobility issues cannot safely board or exit the bus when bus stops are blocked.

“This pilot plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall quality and sustainability of services that the city provides,” said Kalle Killar, city enterprise director of Tallin who also anticipates that companies using Tallinn as a testbed for their products will not only succeed on a global scale, but also set the benchmark for creating innovative and sustainable urban spaces.

Hayden AI is a specialist in mobile automated bus lane enforcement and bus stop enforcement, with hundreds of bus-mounted, AI-powered camera systems installed on transit buses across the US. It claims this technology is proven to reduce vehicle collisions, improve bus on-time performance, and help ensure that bus stops are accessible to people with disabilities.

This pilot in Tallinn marks Hayden AI’s third deployment in Europe. The company has piloted its technology in Gdansk, Poland, and will soon begin a pilot in Braga, Portugal.

“We are thrilled to work with Tallinn on this pilot,” said Chris Carson, CEO and founder of Hayden AI. “Tallinn is a pioneer in testing and deploying innovative technology for public services, and we are looking forward to piloting our vision AI technology in their city.

“We hope to help deliver the same benefits to transit riders in Tallinn that our technology delivers in cities like New York and Washington DC.”


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 15.05.2024

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