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Sonntag, 20.01.2019
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Gospodarstvo published data on the water quality in the reservoirs of Ukraine. About this first Deputy head of the state Agency for e-governance Alex Wiskup reported on his page in the network Facebook.

“Almost 80% of Ukraine’s population are supplied with drinking water from surface sources, among them nearly 75% — from the Dnieper. That is why it is important for citizens to understand what is the quality of the surface waters near their homes, work places”, — said Viskup.

"These data will also allow social activists to better understand the impact of industrial waste on the environment and to monitor compliance with legislation in the environmental field”, added the official.

Public information is available to the Single state web portal of open data data.gov.ua.

According to the Global Open Data Index, only 15 countries have open access to data about water quality, in particular Finland, the USA, UK and Japan.

Among these, only Finland ensures compliance with all criteria of the index of purity.

Also Gospodarstvo continues in test mode to implement the cadastral map of water bodies of Ukraine.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Jan Hartman

Quelle/Source: The Siver Telegram, 04.06.2018

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