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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Current information is available online.

With his help everyone will be able to get actual information about your auto and driver’s license check and pay an administrative offence, to know the history of any car for VIN code and recorded in the electronic queue in the service centers of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Main features of e-office the driver:

  • To check the availability of fines and encumbrances and to pay fines for traffic violations
  • To find out information about their vehicles history of registration
  • To view information about their driving permits
  • To order a personalized number plate
  • To join the waiting list for services

Direct link to electronic office driver: http://e-driver.hsc.gov.ua. For access need to be identified.

Some services pay:

  • the number of owners
  • limit operation of the vehicle
  • completion
  • participation in the accident

The project was implemented in partnership the Main service centre of the Ministry of interior and the State Agency for e-governance project USAID/UK aid “Transparency and accountability in public administration and services”/TAPAS, implemented by the Eurasia Foundation.


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Quelle/Source: The MICE Times of Asia, 21.12.2018

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