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Samstag, 31.10.2020
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The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Microsoft Ukraine have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a partnership in digital modernisation using Microsoft Azure as a vehicle, as well using modern workplace automation products for government-owned companies to enable seamless collaboration across Ukraine and within the government.

Microsoft and the ministry intend to cooperate on a range of initiatives with a highly secured cloud platform ecosystem as a foundation, allowing innovations, advantageous cost of services, implementation of a data security strategy, and creation of new workplaces. Digital transformation programmes could have an impact on different industries and influence energy transition, digital agriculture transformation, and sustainability.

The ministry shares Microsoft's intentions and considers the possibility of using Microsoft Azure as a vehicle for its digital transformation. This would cover employees of the ministry and government-owned companies using modern workplace services and comprehensive Azure cloud technology products enabled in Ukraine, such as AI, analytics, cloud, communication, Big Data, IoT, security, business processes and data management, legal services and logistics. Azure cloud industry services could be applied to e-government, e-health, education, agricultural, the financial sector, IT, manufacturing, energy, infrastructure and gaming.

Microsoft Ukraine and the ministry will discuss cooperation for training employees at the ministry and other government entities through certified courses. Microsoft has offered collaboration to allow people and businesses to access free educational content and training in Ukraine. In the three months since the launch of the global skilling initiative, Microsoft, LinkedIn and GitHub have reached more than 15,000 Ukrainians who have already been through popular training.

The collaboration has been evaluated at USD 500 million, said Mykhailo Fedorov, a deputy prime minister.


Quelle/Source: Telecompaper, 06.10.2020

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