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The event will discuss several themes in a context marked with challenges such as land scarcity, water stress, energy consumption as well as climate change.

WeCasablanca, a branding initiative dedicated to promoting Casablanca’s assets, announced that the eighth edition of Casablanca Smart City will kick off on June 5-6.

This year’s edition will discuss the theme “From Smart Citizen to Smart Metropolis,” serving as a platform to highlight the importance of urban development aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The event will feature an exhibition space, promoting exchanges and partnerships between local and international actors.

A startup village will also be set up to highlight innovative projects designed by young entrepreneurs in the field of smart cities.

The event will bring together researchers, innovators, and decision-makers to share their knowledge and experiences as well as present innovative solutions to different challenges.

“Faced with challenges such as land scarcity, water stress, energy consumption, and climate change, it becomes crucial to develop better-adapted and more efficient urban solutions while steering technological approaches to fully integrate the human dimension in the urban planning and management of metropolis,” WeCasablanca said in a press release.

The branding company stressed that the situation requires the physical development of infrastructure and services as well as boosting human resilience through innovative technologies.

The eighth edition will feature a program discussing different themes, including e-governance, urban data on smart monitoring of a metropolis, as well as intelligent citizen management of metropolitan resources.

Mohamed Jouahri, General Director of Casablanca Events and Animation highlighted in the release the importance of this edition as well as its commitment to rethinking the concept of “smartness” at the heart of the smart city.

“This edition offers a unique opportunity to share knowledge, exchange experiences, and co-create innovative solutions for contemporary urban challenges,” he said.

Hassan Radoine, director of the School of Architecture at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University was quoted emphasizing the importance of metropolization in Morocco, saying that is essential to guide this phenomenon in a way that is “resilient and sustainable.”

Radoine, who is also the President of the Scientific Committee in this edition added that intelligence and continuous monitoring of urban performance is essential.

“This measured approach prioritizes citizens' well-being while maintaining a balance between continuous growth and environmental impacts,” he added.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Safaa Kasraoui

Quelle/Source: Morocco World News, 26.05.2024

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