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Montag, 18.02.2019
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The Prime Minister has recently approved the Target Program on Information Technology (IT) for the period of 2016-2020, which seeks to boost the application of IT in the State agencies’ operations, construct the e-government, and provide online public services in a synchronous fashion from the central to the local level.

The program also aims to enhance the capability of ensuring national information safety and electronic authentication, whilst developing the IT industry via the development of key IT zones and products.

The scale of the program includes investment in IT infrastructure in compliance with the Vietnamese e-Government architecture framework, the ministry-level e-government architecture, and the provincial-level e-government architecture, ensuring safety, security and interconnection between localities and the central-level agencies, as well as with the shared national-level information systems.

Under the target program, all the ministries, ministry-level, centrally run cities and provinces will be connected through a shared integrated platform by 2020; 30% of administrative formalities in localities will be processed online at the level 4; and over 50% of the administrative procedures that need to be exchanged between one-stop shops will be exchanged online.

The program also targets to meet over 50% of the information systems of ministries, sectors and localities which have the demand for connecting and sharing data with national databases; lift Viet Nam out of the list of 20 countries with the highest malware infection rates; ensure all level-4 public services have centralized e-authentication solutions; and support the building of seven centralized IT zones pursuant to the PM’s Decision No. 390/2015/QD-TTg dated March 27, 2015.


Quelle/Source: VietNamNet Bridge, 06.02.2018

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