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Donnerstag, 21.02.2019
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Minister and Chairman of the Government Office, Mai Tien Dung, delivered a commendation from the Prime Minister to Bac Ninh province for its considerable innovations and reforms in administrative procedures, as well as its outstanding economic achievements.

Minister Dung made the remarks on behalf of the Government while leading the Prime Minister’s Working Group to work with the authorities of Bac Ninh province on June 22.

“The province has made important contributions to the GDP growth of the entire nation which has been followed by many other localities”, Minister Dung said, noting that the province’s GRDP recorded 17% growth in the first half of 2018.

Minister Dung also expressed his strong impression of the operations of the Bac Ninh provincial Public Administrative Centre, the second centre of its kind in Vietnam, which helps to streamline administrative procedures and facilitate enterprises.

Since early 2017 to mid-June 2018, Bac Ninh was assigned with 271 tasks by the Government and the province has completed 209 tasks, while the 62 others are well underway.

The Government official also mentioned four issues that have attracted great attention from the PM, including environmental protection amid the rapid development of industrial zones and craft villages,the settlement of land disputes during the process of smart urban development, the settlement of complaints and denunciations of local people,and improvements to the lives of the 291,000 labourers at BacNinh’s industrial zones.

Members of the PM’s Working Group also recommended that Bac Ninh reconsider its industry structure, develop preferential treatment policies for public civil servants, further improve its administrative reforms, and reduce the burden of inspections on enterprises, among others.

Secretary of Bac Ninh provincial Party Committee, Nguyen Nhan Chien, affirmed that the province is developing a project on turning Bac Ninh into a centrally-run city by 2022 and a project on turning Bac Ninh into a smart city. Thus the city wants to receive more support from the Government in order to fulfill its targets.


Quelle/Source: Nhan Dan Online, 23.06.2018

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