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Samstag, 27.11.2021
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A symposium themed “Developing a smart city with urbanization associated with industrialization and modernization toward 2030, with a vision to 2045” took place on Wednesday in the framework of the on-going Industry 4.0 Summit and Expo.

It’s one of 10 symposiums organized by the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission and related agencies.

Smart city development is an important issue included in the Politburo’s Resolution 52 on guidelines and policies in the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Prime Minister approved the Smart City Development project from 2018-2025 and the vision to 2030. Now 41 of 63 cities and provinces have been building or implementing their own smart city projects.

At the symposium, Vietnamese and foreign delegates discussed the need to develop smart cities, international models of smart cities, and specific measures for planning and managing a smart city.

An editorial team of the "Industrialization and modernization guidelines and policies by 2030, a vision to 2045" project will collect opinions and proposals to compile the project and submit it to the Party Central Committee next year.


Quelle/Source: VOV World, 10.11.2021

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