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The first National Digital Transformation Day had the theme "Digital transformation solves society's problems for a better life for the people".

The top priority of digital transformation is the launch of initiatives that bring practical benefits to the people.

On April 22, 2022, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 505/QD-TTg on National Digital Transformation Day, taking October 10 every year as National Digital Transformation Day. 2022 is the first year National Digital Transformation Day is celebrated.

The first National Digital Transformation Day had the theme "Digital transformation solves society's problems for a better life for people". The top priority of digital transformation is the launch of initiatives that bring practical benefits to the people.

Speaking at this event, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said that digital transformation is an inevitable trend that is evolving very strongly, widely and daily. Digital transformation contributes to bringing into play the strength of the nation and the power of the times, internal and external resources, and helps to effectively solve the relationships between the State, the market and society; implementing three strategic breakthroughs in terms of institutions, infrastructure and human resources; promoting economic growth; improving labor productivity, competitiveness and efficiency of production and business; decreasing the product price; reducing administrative procedures, troubles, time and costs for people and companies; helping governments at all levels improve management capacity and effective administration.

At the event, the Prime Minister announced the Government's message to promote national digital transformation in the coming time.

First: Focus on improving mechanisms and policies, effectively implementing the National Digital Transformation Strategy. Synchronously develop institutions, digital infrastructure, digital platforms and digital human resources. Implement solutions to improve Vietnam's ranking on e-Government, Innovation and Global Competitiveness according to the criteria of international organizations.

Second: Improve the rate of administrative procedures handled online. Enhance the quality of online public service delivery, raising people's satisfaction. Focus on implementing the project of developing the electronic application of population data, identification and authentication for national digital transformation in the period of 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030, bringing practical benefits to the people. Avoid inconsistency in information, figures and data, disunity, and fear of losing interest and collisions.

Third: Synchronously implement solutions to develop and improve the quality of digital human resources in association with innovation and application of science and technology. Focus on training digital skills associated with the market and meet the requirements of the national digital transformation.

Fourth: Enterprises need to accelerate the process of bringing production and business activities to the digital environment, establishing effective digital service delivery channels, especially e-commerce and online payment. Promote investment in developing digital infrastructure, especially shared digital infrastructure; focus on investing in research and development; strengthen international cooperation in digital transformation. Ensure harmonization of interests between the State, people and businesses.

Fifth: Strengthen communication on the benefits of digital transformation so that state agencies, people and businesses understand the benefits and effectiveness of digital transformation and actively participate in and enjoy the benefits of digital transformation. Promote guidance and support for people to use online public services, utilities and digital services safely and effectively.

The Government's cross-cutting point of view is that people and businesses are the centres, the subject, the goal, and the driving force and resource of digital transformation. Digital transformation must let people and businesses benefit from public services and social utilities more conveniently, efficiently and faster, and they will create resources for development.

According to the National Committee on Digital Transformation, the public awareness and behavior of digital transformation have been improved in all localities at all levels, while State management activities have generally switched to digital modes with many helpful products and services provided to the people and businesses.

In 2022, 16 important documents have been issued regarding digital transformation, including a national strategy on digital economic development until 2025 with a vision to 2030.

The speed of broadband Internet and mobile Internet has seen remarkable improvement, ranking 45th and 52nd in the world, and is higher than the world's average.

Currently, 48 out of 63 localities have operated their provincial smart monitoring and managing centres.

A population database has been set up, connected to 47 ministries, localities and State businesses, while more than 76 million chip-based ID cards have been issued, and nearly 2.6 million of e-ID accounts have been activated.

Notably, the National Online Service Portal has provided nearly 4,400 public services at levels 3 and 4.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Thai Khang

Quelle/Source: Vietnam.net, 27.12.2022

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