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Montag, 15.07.2024
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Hanoi People's Committee held a conference on June 28 to review the implementation of a project aimed at building an e-government and smart city, and to launch new digital platforms.

Project 06, approved on January 6, 2022, focuses on developing applications for population data, digital identification, and electronic authentication. It aims to support the national digital transformation from 2022 to 2025, with a vision to 2030. As the capital, Hanoi has been entrusted with piloting several key initiatives before the nationwide implementation.

The review conference underscored Hanoi’s unwavering commitment to building a “Digital Government - Serving Government”, and fostering a “Digital Society - Trust Society”. The capital’s initiatives reflect a new global mindset and embody “Hanoi’s thinking and action” in the digital age, setting a benchmark for other cities and provinces to follow in Vietnam’s ambitious digital transformation journey.

With the goal of accelerating Hanoi’s digital transformation, three new applications were revealed at the conference. The first is the iHanoi Citizen app, dubbed “Touch to Connect”, which creates a vital link between the city government, its residents, and businesses. The platform aims to improve the business environment, streamline administrative reforms, and boost public satisfaction.

The second initiative is the VNeID app which holds electronic health records, laying the groundwork for telemedicine and providing citizens with a lifelong and unified health record. Lastly, the smart meeting system i-Cabinet was introduced, utilising innovative technology and AI virtual assistants to facilitate paperless governance and enable more efficient and timely decision-making.

The conference also announced the implementation results of Project 06 in healthcare and data digitisation.

In the healthcare sector, the Ministry of Health reported impressive progress in digitalising services. 99.5 per cent of medical facilities nationwide have implemented IT systems for management and insurance claim processing. A telehealth system now connects central hospitals with local health facilities, enhancing support for lower-level institutions. Furthermore, 100 per cent of medical facilities now accept chip-based citizen ID cards or the VNeID app for health insurance verification.

"Following the successful evaluation in Hanoi, the Ministry of Health issued Decision No.1332/QD-BYT on May 21 to incorporate electronic health records on the VneID application across the country. The decree creates a legal corridor, providing specific guidance for localities to implement electronic health records integrated on VneID, which includes regulations on 46 information fields and the content of information displayed on the record," Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan said.

A report by the Ministry of Public Security highlighted the implementation of 82 administrative procedures with zero fees, reducing bureaucratic burdens on citizens and businesses. 19 digital models, including electronic health records and digital criminal records, have been successfully piloted on the VNeID platform. Additionally, cashless payments and e-invoicing systems have been advanced, especially for small businesses.

"The achievements of Hanoi have positively impacted all aspects of the city's social life. The project's effective values have been gradually realized, leading to a shift in management mindset and working habits among cadres and civil servants. It has also streamlined administrative procedures, saving time and costs for both citizens and businesses," Minister of Public Security Luong Tam Quang said.

The capital city received specific recommendations to expedite data digitisation efforts, particularly in 11 districts that have not yet completed civil status data digitisation. Hanoi was also urged to enhance the creation and sharing of data through the National Data Centre, in line with Government Resolution 175.

Minister Quang also stressed, "The city needs to improve the quality of shared databases to ensure they are accurate, complete, clean, and dynamic."


Quelle/Source: Vietnam Investment Review, 03.07.2024

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