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Over 1.5 million transactions were recorded by various departments of the General Directorate of Passports at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) last month within the framework of the services provided by the MoI to the general public.

'The transactions completed by the General Directorate of Passports showed increase in the number of transactions as it reached to 1,556,867, said the Ministry of Interior on its official website.

The departments affiliated with the General Directorate of Passports include Expatriates Affairs Department, Search and Follow up Department, Border Passports Department, Airport Passports Department and Unified Services Department among others.

The number of services and transactions implemented through Expatriates Affairs Department during the month of June 2019 was 61,432 transactions, while the total transactions completed through the Department of Unified Services was 212,763, the MoI added.

The Ministry said that the number of transactions completed by Border Passports Department was 3,768 while the number of transactions handled by Airport Passports was 1,188,034. The transactions completed by Search and Follow up Department reached to 42,922.

The General Directorate of Passports is always working to develop and improve its services being provided to the public through its specialised departments, in addition to follow up the various transactions to ensure the completion of transactions of the public easily and in record time.

On the level of transactions completed by service centers, the statistics of the MoI showed that the Service Center of Al Rayyan was on the top by completing 41,436 transactions followed by Al Wakra Services Center with 26,025 transactions and Mesaimeer Services Center completing 24,233 transactions.

The total number of transactions for traffic services and biometrics in June 2019 reached 27,667 of which 21,035 transactions are related to traffic services while 6,632 transactions are on biometrics.

For the services provided to elderly people and people with special needs, the number touches 718 transactions. The transactions of applications for recruitment were 51,383 and e-government transactions reached to 162,984.

Also the e-services transactions reached to 186,862 transactions among them 104,136 transactions were done through the Ministry's website and 82,439 through Metrash2.

Recently, the General Directorate of Information Systems at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) launched a new version for Metrash2 for phones and smart devices, which is the fastest way to attain the Ministry's services from any place and at any time.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Sidi Mohamed

Quelle/Source: MENAFN , 23.07.2019

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