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Freitag, 14.08.2020
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The State of Qatar stressed yesterday the important role digital technology is playing in facilitating human progress, and the big contribution it is making in enhancing and protecting human rights and basic freedoms, but noted that the same technologies could be used in ways that threaten cyber security with methods such as fake news and manipulating social media platforms.

This came during the speech of the State of Qatar given by Second Secretary of the Permanent Mission in Geneva Mohammed Abdulla Al Buainaine in the 44th regular session of the Human Rights Council on the opportunities and challenges that new digital technologies pose on enhancing and protecting human rights.

Al Buainaine said that, in light of the great development of the State of Qatar in the fields of sciences and information technology, the state started using technology to provide many of its services, particularly in critical fields like education and health among others.

He added that the e-learning program that has been implemented by the State of Qatar’s Ministry of Education for many years in public schools one of the initiatives that aim to develop the educational process and offer e-services, something that helped students continue learning during the COVID-19 crisis.

He noted that the State of Qatar worked on implementing programs that facilitate the use of technology and communications in all segments of society. One of those was a program providing training on Qatar’s e-Government services, which aimed to build the administrative and leadership qualities of people from the two genders in order to ensure the success of the country’s digital transformation. He added that it was one of the strategic goals of the vision for Qatar e-Government 2020.

Al Buainaine concluded his remarks by posing a question on how best to use digital technology to face current global challenges led by epidemics, and how to make it more accessible to developing countries.


Quelle/Source: The Peninsula Qatar, 09.07.2020

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