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This strategic partnership aims to enhance the adoption and integration of IoT solutions across Qatar, with a specific focus on transforming operations in the aviation sector and smart cities, boosting efficiency through innovative technology

Disrupt-X, a leading developer and provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions platform, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Watad Group, a leading provider of technological and service solutions in Qatar. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the adoption and integration of IoT solutions across Qatar, with a specific focus on transforming operations in the aviation sector and smart cities, boosting efficiency through innovative technology.

Disrupt-X's ALEF IoT Platform is designed to cater to a wide range of industries, offering exceptional flexibility and adaptability. The platform seamlessly integrates multiple technologies, ensuring user-friendly and versatile solutions. The ALEF IoT platform features 9 applications, over 30 solutions, and more than 80 use-cases addressing critical areas such as facility monitoring, utility management, and asset tracking. Key applications include Ignite Shield for facility and asset monitoring, Ignite Meter for utility management, Asset Watch for asset tracking, and TechNex for fleet management. The platform will be available in Qatar as “IOT MATRIX”.

By utilizing the platform, Watad aims to enhance its smart city and aviation offerings, delivering more efficient and innovative solutions to the local market. Watad is committed to transforming urban living and the aviation sector globally through smart technology solutions. By integrating the ALEF IoT Platform into their smart city initiatives, Watad intends to optimize energy usage, improve public safety, and enhance residents' quality of life with advanced analytics and real-time monitoring. In the aviation sector, Watad strives to utilize Disrupt-X’s IoT solutions to globally revolutionize airport operations, enhance security, and improve passenger experiences. The platform will be available under the brand name of “IOT MATRIX” in the local market.

The partnership with Watad Group will lead to significant advancements in IoT implementation within Qatar. By combining Disrupt-X’s innovative IoT solutions with Watad Group’s expertise in delivering tailored technological services, this collaboration aims to revolutionize various sectors, including smart cities and aviation, by providing efficient, sustainable, and innovative solutions.

Asim Sajwani, CEO of Disrupt-X, commented, “Our collaboration with Watad Group marks an exciting chapter in expanding our impact within Qatar. Together, we aim to drive significant advancements in IoT adoption, enhancing operational efficiencies, and unlocking new potentials across various industries.”

Ms. Fatima Al Darwish, CEO of WATAD Group added, "Our alliance with Disrupt-X heralds a new era of technological innovation in Qatar. By harnessing the power of IoT solutions, we are poised to elevate our smart city and aviation offerings, enriching the lives of our citizens and enhancing operational excellence for our clients."

More on Disrupt-X:

Disrupt-X, founded in 2018, is a leading tech company based in Dubai. Disrupt-X has established itself as a pioneering force in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) through their premier platform ALEF. They specialize in engineering versatile IoT solutions that are adept at catering to a diverse array of industry verticals. At the forefront of their technological innovation is ALEF IoT Platform which includes Mobile Applications, designed to revolutionize operations by automating processes and optimizing efficiency. Building on their established portfolio, Disrupt-X has incorporated a LoRaWAN® Network Server into their offerings, further enhancing their commitment to delivering comprehensive IoT solutions.

For more information, please visit: www.disrupt-x.io

About Watad Group:

Established in 2012, Watad Group Enterprises (“Watad”) is a private entity based in Doha, Qatar. Utilizing groundbreaking technology and highly skilled personnel Watad conducts a spectrum of business activities in Master Systems Integration, Airport and Port Information Management Systems, Airport Baggage Handling and Security Screening Systems, Intelligent Management Systems, Suspect Baggage Tracking Systems, Data Privacy and Protection Compliance, and Integrated Facilities Management.

With twelve years of a stellar track record and an unwavering dedication to excellence, Watad has successfully navigated major projects in Qatar. Watad’s diverse portfolio of clientele includes Hamad International Airport, Doha International Airport, Qatar Airways, Qatar Rail, Q-Terminal, Tamim Air Base, Ministry of Defense Qatar, U-Tapao, and Luang Prabang International airport among others.

Expanding its reach, with offices established in the UK, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain and Thailand, Watad offers comprehensive services that redefine diverse operational environments and cultural contexts. The company has also strategically partnered with local and international experts to bring specialized knowledge and cutting-edge solutions to the local market, ensuring the highest standards of service and innovation.

For more information, please visit: www.watadqatar.com


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