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Mittwoch, 15.07.2020
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The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) through its projects department called the Rural Communications Development Fund (RCDF) has launched a call for business plan proposals under a grant to cater for public WiFi hotspots at five border points across the country.

In line with the RCDF III program thematic area of Broadband Connectivity and Access, UCC has set aside these funds for the financial year 2019/20 to be utilized under a collaborative grant framework between UCC/RCDF and a suitable partner to establish and operate five public WiFi hotspots.

People in transit have communication needs that can be fulfilled through access to public WiFi hotspots as long as they own a WiFi capable device. Since WiFi doesn’t require a SIM CARD or existence of a subscription relationship with a service provider, it is most suitable to use in an area where people are in transit like airports.

The government agency is seeking to collaborate with a suitably qualified stakeholder with the requisite qualifications, competencies, and experience as per the eligibility criterion and statement of requirements below to supply and operate public WiFi hotspots at five border posts.

Why UCC wants to implement these public WiFi hotspots

  1. To provide free WIFI at a speed of 5Mbps for a maximum connection time of 1 hour per person. Once utilized and used, a good experience will subsequently spur market demand which will drive uptake of broadband services.
  2. To enable broadband services usage in communication, trade, health (including mitigation efforts in preventing the spread of COVID -19) at the border posts provided with WIFI.
  3. To make it easier for people transiting through the border posts to communicate and access information through the internet.
  4. To improve social services and ease of doing business at the border, thereby leading to social-economic transformation.
  5. To increase e-government and e-commerce at the border posts.

The target locations

  1. Elegu (Amuru district, Uganda-South Sudan border)
  2. Malaba (Tororo district, Uganda- Kenya border)
  3. Mutukula (Kyotera district, Uganda – Tanzania border)
  4. Bunagana (Kisoro district, Uganda D.R. Congo border)
  5. Vurra (Arua district, Uganda D.R. Congo border)

Companies interested to work with UCC on this project should read more about the necessary pre-requisites to deploy the public WiFi hotspots here.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Farooq Gessa Mousal

Quelle/Source: Techjaja, 24.05.2020

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