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Samstag, 22.09.2018
eGovernment Forschung | eGovernment Research 2001 - 2018

“Today ICT is successfully applied in any area in Azerbaijan. The implementation of effective projects is underway in our country in the field of e-education, e-tax, e-health, e-agriculture, e-customs, e-commerce and other directions. All the services are reflected in “Electronic Government” model”, the Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, Ramin Guluzade said in his interview to “Impact” magazine".

According to him, the services of more than 40 government agencies are provided to citizens on the portal E-government: “Through the mobile application of the portal, users are sent notifications for communication, utilities, penalties and so on in real-time mode. This can be considered a successful start for building a “mobile government””.

The minister said that the use of e-signatures have been improved this year against the background of increasing demand for electronic services and electronic signature tokens have been created: “Over 100,000 electronic signatures have been issued and new generation ID card to be given to each citizen in the nearest future will be provided with an electronic signature certificate. Thus, new ID cards will be used for identifying identity, as well as, signing electronic documents”.


Quelle/Source: APA, 29.09.2017

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