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Sonntag, 20.10.2019
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Botswana is set to repeal the Electoral (Amendment) Act of 2016 that led to the introduction of electronic voting machines.

The Electoral (Amendment) Act has faced stiff resistance from opposition parties.

Acting Minister of Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration Ronald Shamukuni has now published in the Government Gazette (Extraordinary) the Electoral (Amendment (Repeal) Bill of 2019 that he intends to present to Parliament this year to repeal the 2016 Act.

According to the minister, the Bill would, among other things, review the issues such as the use of electronic voting machine, supplementary registration and nomination fees.

“This was done in order to reiterate the intention of the government not to use the electronic voting machines and not to commence the Electoral (Amendment) Act of 2016 following consultations with political parties and the public,” Shamukuni explained.

The Botswana government has already announced that electronic voting machines would not be used during general elections scheduled for October.


Quelle/Source: Political Analysis South Africa, 04.03.2019

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