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Donnerstag, 21.02.2019
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Bangladesh has been ranked 115th in the United Nations E-Government Survey 2018 among the 193 countries moving nine notches up from its previous 124th position in 2016.

According to the UN survey report, Bangladesh is the highest ranked least developed country (LDC), an official of Access to Information (a2i) programme told UNB on Sunday.

The report was published on July 19, said the official.

Bangladesh is a notable example of a country with a very high OSI (Online Service Index) which is 0.7847, but a much lower EGDI (E-Government Development Index) which is 0.4862. This placed the country in the middle-EGDI level group, said the report.


Quelle/Source: United News of Bangladesh, 22.07.2018

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