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Freitag, 28.02.2020
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This plan could not have come any sooner

One of the best initiatives that the government has taken over the last decade is Digital Bangladesh -- an initiative which plans to bring technologies with the specific aim to make the lives of the people of this country easier and better.

And, to a great extent, this dream of a Digital Bangladesh has been pushed closer and closer to reality, be it through greater internet penetration or the construction of Hi-Tech Parks across the nation.

As such, it is commendable to hear the government’s plans to digitize governance itself, which would allow citizens to avail most administrative services through their phones or the use of biometrics, thereby ensuring a more efficient and effective service being provided to the average Bangladeshi.

This plan could not have come any sooner.

One of the ways in which the people of this country suffer is through the red tape, corruption, and bureaucracy which plagues our public institutions.

A digital system, which can take out the middle-man when it comes to availing citizen services and providing more accurate identification, can go a long way towards eliminating the inefficient systems currently in place. Such an initiative -- with the government inaugurating three new one-stop services, Eksheba, Ekpay, and Ekshop -- will have massive benefits in the long run, whereby citizens will be able to do now-complicated tasks, such as renewing one’s passport and applying for a replacement National Identification Card, with ease and comfort.

Let us work towards ensuring that these services are implemented effectively and without glitches, so that we can truly embrace the benefits of digitization and e-governance.


Quelle/Source: Dhaka Tribune, 21.10.2019

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