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E-procurement system - Umucyo

AOS Ltd, a Rwandan Information Technology Systems Integrator, has developed an electronic procurement system for the Government of Rwanda. Dubbed ‘Umucyo’ (transparency). The system was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Economic planning and the Rwanda Public Procurement Authority (RPPA} to automate the public procurement process and enable the interactions of Government to Business entities (G2B).

‘Umucyo’ will infuse even more efficiency in an already widely respected public procurement process. It also enhances transparency and standardization of electronic documents, supplier registration and authentication, goods and services information and streamlines all elements of public procurement transactions.

Essentially, various institutions will publish tenders and invite bidders to submit their proposals online. This system also ensures that evaluation of bids, contracts management and payments are done electronically.

According to Mr. Augustus Seminega, the RPPA Director General, “While it’s not mandatory for suppliers to register, those who haven’t done so will not be able to compete for public tenders. Therefore, they are advised to register.”

Bidders have for long been required to present physical documents like; the Performance security, Tax clearance and Certificate from RRA, Rwanda Social Security Fund Certificate among other documents. However, using the e-procurement system, the Government can automatically access the database from Rwanda Development Board to authenticate registration status, Rwanda Revenue Authority to check the status of Tax performance and the Rwanda Social Security Board for compliance with fund contribution.


The system’s capability was put to test beginning of July last year engaging eight entities, some of which are already reporting its benefits.

Mr. Evode Mushimire, the Head of the Procurement and Legal Division at Rwanda Development Board (RDB) states, “This system has helped solve issues related to filing. Instead of filing hardcopies and taking up a lot of space in the process, the system automatically files all documents.”

In addition to that, the system is expected to reduce the probability of loopholes and fraud in the procurement process. This is partly because all transactions are done online and human contact is eliminated entirely in the process. It’s built in a way that all procedures are spelled out clearly and should be followed. The bids will also be secured within the e-procurement system that is linked to the Rwanda Public Key Infrastructure supported by the Cyber Security Unit.

Furthermore, Umucyo reduces costs related to publishing and identifying business opportunities, For instance, suppliers can simply access markets without additional marketing efforts and a faster and more efficient method for quoting and increased order accuracy through receipt of electronic orders.

Conveniently, it eliminates the traditional expenses related to bidding such as transport, secretarial expenses and many others since everything is done electronically.

Change management and Sustainability

As part of its change management approach, RPPA has conducted several trainings of public procurement officers as well as registered bidders on how to use the system. In addition, there is also a hotline through which users will receive support.

Mr. Seminega adds , “the project team currently has staff that introduces any new users to the system.” This team will be on hand to provide support to the users in all aspects related to the system.

AOS at A Glance

Since the company’s inception in 2014, AOS has managed the National Data Centre and has been implemented several projects for the Government of Rwanda, most notably a Public Safety CCTV and Vehicle Enforcement System in collaboration with Rwanda National Police and the e-Government Procurement System in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and Rwanda Public Procurement Authority.

AOS has also been tasked by the Government of Rwanda to digitalize processes in all Government institutions and has already embarked on this exercise with several institutions.

Through its IT Academy, AOS intends to steadily transform the ICT eco-system through the development of specialist ICT skills in among Rwandans.

AOS envisions itself as a company that both public and private institutions across Africa will rely on to deliver efficiency gains in their internal business operations, build top notch IT skills and transform their client services.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Ian Nkera Ford

Quelle/Source: The New Times, 24.07.2017

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