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Dienstag, 25.02.2020
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The National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA) has started issuing criminal record clearance certificates through online, effectively beginning the process to phase out the current system that has stimulated public complaints in the recent past.

The new platform was launched on Monday amidst optimism that it would ease the process of accessing the document—often required to secure various services such as visas, passports and public sector jobs—and help decongest the premises of public prosecution.

The initiative is a culmination of a partnership of NPPA, the Ministry of ICT and Innovation as well as Irembo, a one-stop portal for e-Government services.

Irembo said in tweet that: “We are excited to announce the Criminal Record Clearance Certificate is now fully digital and accessible online! Apply & get it directly sent to your email without making a single trip. Thanks to @ProsecutionRw for taking the initiative to transform service delivery! pic.twitter.com/EJvaUUxmQ3. IremboGov (@IremboGov) September 9, 2019

Jean-Bosco Mutangana, the Prosecutor General, says that the new method will ensure quick service delivery.

Previously, a person looking for this document would request for it via online, but would be required to travel to the premises of NPPA to pick it.

Now, under the new method, members of the public will still be required to apply for the certificate online but will have the option to receive it through their emails and download or print it.

“We used to receive many people at our offices coming to get their criminal record certificates, and they would complain that we delay them. The online method will help us serve Rwandans quickly as we also join the digital world,” said Mutangana

Faith Keza, the Chief Executive Officer of RwandaOnline, the company that runs e-government services, including Irembo, says that the new method will also prevent forgery.

She said:” This will also ensure security of these documents because people who are good at ICT would easily forge signatures and get the document.But with the electronic certificate, we will easily know if it was issued by us or not.”

Prosecution say that in the meantime both the old and new method of accessing this document will be working in order to help the public to familiarize with the new system.

Currently more than 90 e-Government services are obtained online via Irembo.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Lavie Mutanganshuro

Quelle/Source: The new Times, 09.09.2019

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