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Samstag, 21.04.2018
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A National Consultation meeting on the creation of a Regional e-Governance Academy in Mauritius, which will help advance the digital culture across communities and within the region, was held yesterday at the Voilà Hôtel, in Bagatelle.

In his address at the event, the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Mr Etienne Sinatambou, indicated that the Academy, which will be based on the Estonian model, would enhance the quality of life of citizens through innovative technologies by providing personalised and efficient government services.

The Minister pointed out that given the expertise of Estonia in the digital governance domain and the position of Mauritius as a leader on the African continent, our country can play a leading role in the region so as to promote the emergence of a robust, efficient and reliable e-Governance platform.

The National Consultation was organised at the initiative of the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation (MTCI), in collaboration with the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) and the e-Governance Academy (eGA) of the Republic of Estonia. The aim was to examine various aspects regarding project implementation, discuss the provision of a training of trainers of IOC Member States, and make recommendations.

A delegation from the eGA, along with other stakeholders, participated in the event. The eGA delegation will be in Mauritius till 20 January 2017 to provide technical assistance and lead activities for capacity-building on digital governance. Several other aspects related to the Academy project, including the design of study programmes, and knowledge transfer will also be discussed.

It is recalled that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with the Estonian Government in September 2015 in the area of e-Governance which provides for the setting up of a Regional e-Governance Academy.

The Estonian model is privileged for the Academy given that Estonia is a leading country in the field of e-governance infrastructure and digital services in the European Union.

The setting up of a Regional e-Governance Academy falls also in line with the MTCI's e-Government Strategy which includes recommendations for a more effective, secured and efficient delivery of Government services to citizens and businesses. Over the past years, Government has invested heavily in the competitiveness of different Ministries and departments to improve productivity and enhance efficiency of service delivery to citizens and the business community.


Quelle/Source: AllAfrica, 18.01.2017

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