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Montag, 21.09.2020
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Smart is increasingly becoming the “pre-fix” of cities when talking about the near future or even the present of the places where most of us live (or spend most of our lives).

Mayors across the Globe, and even more across Europe, are announcing claims to promote the smartness of their cities, in opposition to a presumed “dumbness” of less developed areas. But, what is really a smart city? And are digital technologies (the always acknowledged building blocks of a smart city) enough to make a city really smart?

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Romania has the lowest performance among EU Member States when it comes to digital public services, the country having a score of 43.2 in the European Commission's Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2019. By comparison, the average EU score is 62.9.

DESI is a composite index that summarises relevant indicators on Europe’s digital performance and tracks the evolution of EU member states in digital competitiveness. The index evaluates the EU countries on five criteria, namely connectivity, human capital, use of internet services, integration of digital technology, and digital public services.

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Justice Minister says 28 day wait for result in EU election is 'mind-boggling'

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan has raised the prospect of a return to electronic voting.

Amid the fallout of a lengthy recount in the Ireland South constituency, Mr Flanagan has put the controversial electronic method back on the agenda. He wants the new electoral commission, which is expected to begin work later this year, to prioritise a study of international best practice in the area.

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Τhe European Commission has released the results of the 2019 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), which monitors Europe’s overall digital performance and tracks the progress of EU countries with respect to their digital competitiveness.

Over the past year, all EU countries improved their digital performance. Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark scored the highest ratings in DESI 2019 and are among the global leaders in digitalisation. In emerging Europe, by far the highest scorer is Estonia, which ranks eighth out of the 28 EU member states. No other country in emerging Europe scores above the EU average.

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Technology can enable us to implement the smart cities of the future, but knowledge sharing is just as vital.

Faced with challenges such as climate change, health problems related to air pollution and increasingly concentrated amounts of people living in cities, adapting our cities in order to offer a better quality of life is vital. Technology can offer us a stepping stone to the cities of the future, but this is not the only aspect which needs to be focused on in order to implement new ideas and create better living areas and conditions for city dwellers.

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